Now that I have your attention with such a stunning opening line, we can proceed with the business at hand: shameless self-promotion.

I’ve been a professional animation artist, and some time comic book creator and maker of short films, for the past 20 years. Now that it is close to being confirmed that this web fad is going to last at least a couple more weeks, I thought it a good time to jump on its bandwagon before I fall off it.

To the left hand side of this sizzling text you are currently glazing over, you will find a list of categories, including a BLOG, wherein you can peruse the various works I have done in the past and even some to come. Aside from my perennial peculating prose, you will find a plethora of pictures, illustrations, comics, storyboards, animatics, writings and even an award winning film on display, which really is the focus of a site like this: me being an artist and all.

So feel free to stick and click around and see if anything tickles your fancy. If nothing tickles your fancy, we can try for something less fancy and see how that works out. I make no promises; remember, there may be children present.

-Steve Remen.

P.S. I also have an ongoing web comic. You can read it here:
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