Well, another Happy New Year to everyone. Will we all be around to say that one more time? Were the Mayans correct? Only time will tell.

I am celebrating the start of a new year with the traditional CRUCH TIME activity of trying to finish another storyboard. This year, I celebrate with BABAR: The Adventures of Badou. I’ve managed to watch a few rough cuts (completed rough animation) of several of the episodes I storyboarded in 2011. I have to say that I’m quite happy with what I saw. The animation looks pretty snappy for a TV show (Usually, the finished episodes of anything rarely meet my expectations of what I see in my mind’s eye when I am doing a storyboard). It truly was a pleasant surprise to see the episodes turning out so well! I fully expect that they’ll be even better once the animation is fully rendered and sound is added.

I’m not sure when this season is airing, but I plan to post some video of my animatics or of something after the shows start to air.

With any luck, my CRUNCH TIME will end at the end of this week. I’ll be posting some video in my next post.

In the meantime...

The new page (pg 43) has been posted over at HIMcomic. No preview picture, this week. SUSPENSE!!

It Happens

Every once in a while I manage to do a drawing that I’m amused by. I present the following:

This is Monroe from Babar: The Adventures of Badou.

This is from an episode I storyboarded a couple of short sequences from, over the usual full story I’d normally do. Since this particular episode was a bit of a rush job/short schedule, I didn’t really have time to wait for missing designs to show up. So, for designs that could easily be substituted, I just made something up. If it was decided that my design was reasonably good, fine. If not, they, the studio, could just use whatever they like and tell someone down the pipeline to ignore mine. This is my design for Monroe as Pageboy of the Savanna: which consists of my giving him a necklace and a Jimsy (from Future Boy Conan) haircut. Works for me.

What amuses me most is how accurately this drawing reflects my demeanor when I was a child. My hairstyle wasn’t all that different, then, either.


Total Drama Steve

The weather has cooled off and I’m a happy happy man for it. No one likes heat less than I.

All this good weather and I’m going to be chained to my desk for a week drawing Babar. On the up side, I had the chance to watch the first three episodes I storyboarded for Babar, in Rough Cut form, and they look pretty good! I was only going to watch one, but I found myself entertained and watched all three. I even laughed a couple of times (Which is no mean feat for someone whose seen and worked on as many cartoons as I have). All that and the animation is really quite good.

So, I may be chained to my desk for the next several days, but at least it is for a good cause.

Round about the time this season is supposed to air, I’ll post the names of the episodes I had something to do with.

Speaking of things I had something to do with: it’s the new fall season and a new season of TOTAL DRAMA has begin (I think). The forth season is called TOTAL DRAMA: REVENGE OF THE ISLAND and it features a new cast on the old island. Well, I drew a small stack of storyboards for this season and here’s the ones I did (In episode order):

“A Mine is a Terrible...” Act 2 only (The part after the commercial break in the middle of the show)

“Up, Up and Away in my Pitiful Balloon”
Act 2 only

“The Enchanted Franken-Forest”
Entire episode

“Brains vs. Brawn”
Entire episode

Generally, I had quite a lot of fun on this series. My favorite episode to storyboard was easily “Brains vs. Brawn”. It was the final episode of the season and it had all kinds of stuff I love to draw: fighting, fun, frolic, monsters and clubs with nails spiking the end of it. What more could a fella want?

It was also one of my favorites because I drew the entire storyboard (complete episode) and I always prefer to draw and entire 22 minute show rather than a half. Overall, I think the work is better for it and I feel happier, too.

I’d post some pictures from the storyboards, but I figure I should wait until a particular episode airs before I post anything just in case someone would rather I don’t post them in advance. So, I’ll post this instead...

This has nothing to do with TOTAL DRAMA, but I like it.

Hopefully this season will do well so TOTAL DRAMA can return for another year. I’d be quite happy to return to it, myself.


I guess I really should post some storyboards somewhere on this site, sometime. Hmm...


Shameless self-promotion isn’t complete without mentioning what I’m working on.

For the past few months, and for the next many, I have been, am and will be drawing storyboards on BABAR and the Adventures of Badou from the fine folks at Nelvana Ltd. First season is already on air and it is the second season that I’m currently working on. Do look for it wherever TV programs are found.
This is actually my second encounter with Babar. The first was when I was still in collage finishing my final year. I drew a layout test for Nelvana, trying to get a job in, of all departments, Layout. The test was to draw a few scenes from the then cel animation Babar cartoon. Despite what had to have been an amazingly weak test submission, if my memory serves me well, I was hired for my first job in animation as a Layout Artist.

Interestingly, a few years later, someone found a pile of old Babar layout tests in the studio. As much I wanted to see my test, it was missing. There can only be two possibly reasons for its absence: Someone swiped it to later sell on Ebay for a couple of bucks, having the foresight to see value in those dodgy drawings (not to mention the existence of Ebay, well before the internet was anything a common person knew anything about) or they burned it for the artistic abomination it must have been. I suspect the latter is more likely and I’d probably agree with their logic.

If you see it on Ebay, please let me know. I’d kill to see it again.

Over at HIMcomic, I have created a new section called ComHIMtary. It is a page by page commentary talking about this and that, bits and bites and assorted whatnots regarding the pages themselves. That section will be updated whenever I have something to say about a particular page.

Criswell speaks, “I predict that this new section will be a hit of Titanic proportions or it will not. Can you prove me wrong? Impossible.”