GOD of DANCE [radio edit]
is a TV series concept developed by myself, Andrew Tan and Patrick Tan that was originally designed to appeal to the China market.

Originally, I was only supposed to provide rough character concept designs. That led to my doing a handful of complete character rotations in partial color and also a one-sheet illustration for a pitch presentation. That led to my being asked to create a 30 second animated promo that would be used for a presentation.

I was responsible for directing and managing the production of the promo, which included hiring the service studio, who would provide the character modeling, based on my designs, and 3D animation. Service work was provided by Simage Animation and Media Ltd.

My full list of responsibilities included:

-Directing all aspects of the promo
-Designing the basic promo concept and flow in conjunction with Andrew Tan
-Contracting the service studio provider and directing their staff
-Art Direction and Design (Characters and Location)
-Music Editing (Based on various found music)
-Storyboard Collaboration (Though the actual storyboard was drawn by Andrew Tan)
-Animatic Editing
-All camera ready 2D artwork of characters and titles

The promo schedule, from idea to delivery, was 21 days: delivered on time and on budget.

To look at some of the production art (Designs, 3D model rotations, 2D animation drawings), go HERE.

For the full story, at least as how I lived it, on The Making of God of Dance [radio edit], go HERE.


Fun Facts:
The term “[radio edit]” in the title slate has, in fact, no real meaning. When the service studio was contracted, they said it would be difficult for them to deliver their end of the animation plus the 2 modeled and rigged characters by my schedule of 21 days. They said they needed 28 days. As a back-up plan, I suggested picking shots to be priority shots that I could use to edit a shortened version of the promo for presentation, should all the footage not be ready, “A sort of radio edit of a pop song.” The service studio not only did an excellent job modeling the characters, painting the background and animating the 3D animation, they got all the footage done early and ready for me when I needed it: 7 days before they originally said they could finish. So the promo seen is in fact the full length version as originally planned and intended: nothing is missing or short-cut. I kept the “[radio edit]” subtitle simply because I thought it had a cool feel and nice ring.

The entire film was made in Hong Kong, including the service work.

The promo was only supposed to be 30 seconds long and ended up being 45 seconds, yet there is only 15 seconds of actual full animation.

The location is based on a real place in Hong Kong.

The large collage on the wall is by a Shanghai based artist whose name I do not know; however, the faces have been changed. The original faces were of Mao Zedong. Since the promo was for China, it seemed too political to have Mao feature so prominently, so it was suggested by Andrew Tan to replace Mao with Andy Worhol. The irony worked for me and I replaced all the Mao heads.

The music is an edit job of various songs I have on file. I claim no ownership of anything but the CDs they came from. The various music clips, be them large or small, are from the following artists (In order of appearance):
-Yoko Kanno (Vision of Eskaflowne Soundtrack 01)
-Laibach (Jesus Christ Superstars LP)
-Noise Unit (Strategy of Violence LP) *This is the main section of the music
-Some old Shanghai song. I have no idea what it is called and who recorded it
-Susumu Hirasawa (Solar Ray LP)
-Severed Heads (Clifford Darling, Please Don’t Live in the Past LP)

All music © the respective artists.
All characters are © Steven P. Remen

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