is a short animated film I directed, based on the children's book NEE, MARIMO by Keita Yamada and Chiharu Sakazaki. Originally published in Japan by Kodansha Ltd., this film is based on the Chinese version of the book published in Taiwan: hence the names of Momo and Meihau (Chinese) over Marimo and Mika (Japanese). I decided to go with the Chinese names because I felt ‘Momo’ sounded more cute for an English ear than ‘Marimo’ and since in a short film, time is limited, I wanted the character of the dog to be deemed “cute” as quickly as possible to serve the story.

My intention with the film was to capture the feel one experiences while reading the book.

To achieve the line style that was used in the original book illustrations, the animation was primarily done on 4” x 2 1/4” Post-It notes. By using a magic marker that bleeds freely on paper and then blowing up the art, I was able to replicate the books’ line style for the film. The size of the animation art meant that a certain amount of guesswork went into any animation because tight in-betweening and pencil testing were a bit problematic. Luckily, it all worked out.


The animation was colored, composited and the mov files created using Photoshop CS3.

Music was generously provided by multiple HONG KONG FILM AWARDS and ASIAN FILM AWARDS nominated, for BEST FILM SCORE, composer HENRY LAI.

Thanks to Sharon Mak, Karen Chow (and her parents) and Henry Lai.

This is a hobby film, used for portfolio purposes only, that claims no rights to the property that is copyright Keita Yamada/Chiharu Sakazaki/"Inu no Eiga" Film Partners or to the Chinese names used. It is not for profit and no funds or donations will be accepted. It has been made strictly with the intention to be seen by an audience, at no cost, with the intention to promote this wonderful story to the world. If you like this film, please buy a copy of the book wherever and however you may find it, be the Japanese or Taiwanese editions.

All music is © Fat Cat Music. Go to Java Music Productions
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