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It is late afternoon as we FADE UP on Juanita, walking down the street on her way to Yoko's house. She recalls events from yesterday:

Flashback to the school lunchroom where Yoko is eating her sushi lunch. Timothy and Juanita are seated next to her. Yoko shares some of her tuna sushi with Timothy and Juanita. They both enjoy the tuna very much and tell Yoko how much they love sushi. Yoko invites them both over to her house for a sushi dinner, "I just have to ask my mama, but I'm sure she will say that it's ok." Timothy and Juanita are both excited and can't wait.

Flash forward to Juanita arriving at Yoko's house. She rings the doorbell and Yoko answers the door. Juanita is invited in and they walk to the kitchen, where Yoko's mother is making the sushi. Timothy is standing next to Yoko's mom, watching her work. The kids watch Yoko's mom make a piece of tuna. Tuna is Timothy and Juanita's favorite, and they get excited. All the kids hurry to go sit down at the dinner table.

Yoko's mother brings the sushi to the dinner table and kneels down. Juanita sees a blob of wasabi on the sushi platter and asks what it is. Yoko's mother explains what it is, and how it is applied to the sushi. She warns Juanita and Timothy that it's a bit spicy.

That's OK! I like spicy! We always eat spicy foods at my house!

Juanita wipes a big blob of wasabi on a piece of tuna, dips the sushi in her soy sauce, and puts the sushi in her mouth. She makes a "yummy" sound as she chews happily. Suddenly, her face drops as the wasabi kicks in and she starts to squint hard in discomfort.

Yoko smiles at Juanita, as Timothy watches, puzzled. Juanita comes out of her wasabi sting with relief, "that was different from the spicy that we have at home."

Yoko's Mother
Yes. It is quite strong. But it goes away quickly, ne?

Whew. I think that I've had enough wasabi for all of us.

They all have a good laugh, including Juanita.

Later after dinner...

Yoko's Mother
Since you both like sushi so much, I would like to invite you both over, next week, for a special sushi dinner.

Juanita and Timothy accept with enthusiasm.

X-DISS to next week, at Hilltop School. Juanita and Timothy talk about how it's been a week, and how much they are looking forward to the special sushi dinner, tomorrow.

X-DISS to Yoko's house. Yoko, Timothy, and Juanita all sit at the dinner table as Yoko's mother places a platter full of various types of sushi on the table (tuna, salmon, shrimp, eel, octopus, sea clam, etc). Timothy and Juanita both look at the platter with anticipation. They are very excited at the many different kinds of sushi that they've never seen before. Juanita points at the octopus and asks what it is.

Yoko's Mother
That is called tako.

Taco? It doesn't look like the tacos we eat at home.

Yoko's Mother
No, no. Tako, in Japanese, means: octopus. Itadakimasu!

They start to eat. Timothy and Juanita start by eating the familiar: tuna sushi. They then decide to become a bit adventurous and try the shrimp. They both love the shrimp and decide to try another new type. Timothy tries the sea clam, and Juanita tries the octopus. They both chew with a smile on their faces, but those smiles slowly turn to frowns as they realize that they both don't like the sushi they've just tried. In fact, they don't like them at all.

Yoko smiles at them knowingly. Yoko's mother asks them how they like the octopus and sea clam. Timothy and Juanita, half hearted (and with mouths full of food), reply, "Good." Yoko smiles again and giggles.

Yoko's mother offers to make Timothy and Juanita more octopus and sea clam, since they seem to like it so much. They are horrified at the idea of having to eat more of these items. They stop Yoko's mother and confess to her that they don't like the offending sushi. They both apologize. Yoko's mother tells them that they don't have to be sorry. She goes on to tell them that, " there is no guarantee that you will like everything new that you try. But, it is important to try new things and then decide whether you like them or not. Otherwise, how will you know?"

Yoko then admits to Timothy and Juanita that she doesn't like octopus and sea clam either. They all have a good laugh and continue to enjoy their meal.

X-DISS to after dinner and Yoko's mother serves up some green tea ice cream. Juanita reacts with a bit of reluctance, "Green tea?" Timothy reminds her that she should try it before she decides that she doesn't like it. They eat the ice cream and love it.

The doorbell rings and Yoko gets up to answer the door. It's Timothy's father and Juanita's mother. They've come to pick up their respective kids. Timothy and Juanita thank Yoko's mother for the special sushi dinner, and then leave with their parents.

As Juanita and her mother walk down the street, they chat:

Juanita's Mother
So, did you have fun tonight?

Yes, a lot of fun.

Juanita's Mother
What did you have for dinner?

I ate sushi!

Juanita's Mother
Ugh! I don't think I could ever eat raw fish.

Mama! Don't you know that you should try something before you decide that you don't like it?

Juanita's Mother

How will you know that you don't like it if you don't try it?

Juanita's Mother
(chuckle) I suppose you're right.

FADE OUT as they walk away.


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